Being one of those who opted against going with another BlackBerry and instead, choosing the iPhone, I cannot speak much to what is said in this article on what the author of the article would like to see change in the BlackBerry realm.

Overall, the points delivered in the above linked article seem spot on. Lose the clicking on the touch screen, add the darned trackball, offer a QWERTY keyboard, enhance the BlackBerry App World, and so on. No question in my mind, the needs of the typical BlackBerry user would be enhanced if we found the Storm II offering the changes above.

Unfortunately, I am not all that sure that RIM is getting it any longer. I say this as it seems like they are so focused on what the iPhone is doing, that they are forgetting their base – the typical enterprise level user. The same person who was miffed about the lack of a trackball or that clicking was supposed to replace the QWERTY keyboard.

As a former BlackBerry user myself, if RIM wants me back, stick to what worked before, add-in a better browser and offer things that the iPhone MISSED. It is really not that difficult see, if they would just look beyond Apple.