Windows 7 is going to be the salvation release that Windows users have been waiting for. And on the performance front when compared to that of Vista, based on my own tests with the beta releases, it is not half bad.

Sadly however, the good times suddenly come into a healthy dose of reality as Windows Explorer comes to oops-ville once again. Despite all of the improvements made to Windows in this release candidate, it appears that something as OBVIOUS the old renaming malware trick has been stopped in this release, right? Nope.

As F-Secure demonstrates here, horrible_malware.txt can actually be seen via the command line a horrible_malware.txt.exe. Yes kids, that is really an executable file. And yes, it can create malware headaches if the malware creator knows what they are doing.

Now I want to once again, go on record as stating that Linux and OS X, also have their security vulnerabilities. I mean, I can whip up a nasty bash script that will do terrible things to one’s system. But I can tell by looking at it in Linux (and in OS X), that it is an executable. In Windows explorer for Windows 7, you better trust the command line. You know, that ancient bit of silliness Windows users were in such a rush to give up on. Funny, looks like it is telling the truth here whereas the GUI is not being totally forthcoming.

Who wants to bet this goes unfixed by the time Windows 7 goes into stores? Bets, anyone?