craigslistIt appears that Craigslist is looking at a real pickle here. Based on what I am seeing in this article, “Craigslist management may be subject to criminal investigation and prosecution.” Sounds serious. But fact of the matter is the very idea that Craigslist is responsible for every action of their advertisers, is insane and absurd.

To that end, I think the AG for South Carolina is going to find themselves standing in line behind all of other AG’s without a case. Because at the end of the day, this is not Craigslist’s problem. This is clearly a problem that South Carolina is going to need to deal with on their own. Because honestly, this would amount to holding the yellow pages accountable under similar circumstances. Not going to happen.

The above article claims that Craigslist has already gone far beyond the requirements of the current law. And if this is the case, then one would wonder what else people could possibly expect them to do? Start a full blown censorship campaign? Can’t see this taking hold anytime soon myself.