MintFor those who found Ubuntu to be a close match, but still missing something as it left you configuring more than you wanted, might be worth giving this distro a look. Linux Mint. Most of the differences for people are found to be cosmetic, however I would point out that this is not merely Ubuntu with a new wrapper. There are distinctive differences under the hood that need to be understood.

For instance, in early releases, Mint came with wifi drivers and other related goodies not found in Ubuntu by default. Also, it was the first distro to offer up Envy for installing proprietary video card drivers. Its creator, is now working for the Ubuntu team, so clearly there is something to be said there.

Speaking for myself, this is my definite fall back distro before any other. It maintains enough differences from Ubuntu as to not allow package upgrades to break your installation, yet still manages to provide you all of the best from Ubuntu as well. And if you can get past the green, you will find yourself falling for this release pretty easily. Check it out, Mint 7 RC is out and ready to roll.