There should be an image here!Visionary co-founder Mike Gordon of Limelight Networks discusses the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

Stay abreast of the rapidly changing digital media universe. In this free video podcast, Limelight Networks co-founder Mike Gordon walks you through a new world of heavily fragmented contexts in which organizations meet users and users meet each other. The future of digital media includes:

  • A nearly infinite catalog of long-tail content as distribution constraints evaporate
  • An ever-increasing diversity and quantity of devices from which to access content
  • Advancements in business models from intercepting to intersecting customers
  • Visible and foundational fragmentation of digital media infrastructure
  • Evolving editorial voice that includes both authoritative and user voice
  • Development of content microclimates that reflect the diversity of human experience

Savvy organizations will take advantage of this new climate to intersect with customers when and where they engage in activities related to your mission. Learn how fragmentation can work for you in this inspiring, free podcast.

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