It is baffling when some people put their passwords on a sticky note and leave it on the edge of their monitor. Yes, that really happens. There are other things that people do with passwords that would make your jaw drop. Do you use a universal password for numerous sites? Is your password really your cat’s name or your dog’s name? Please tell me you don’t use your birthdate, or that of your daughter?

These are just some of the horrible things that people do with passwords. Recently, for example, some people on Twitter were entering their password to gain a bit of data. People simply do not seem to recognize the implications of being lax with one’s password. Not only are finances at risk with a breach of privacy and security, but one’s reputation can be trashed if someone breaches your personal accounts.

One of the prime reasons for a password manager is that it guards your online identity and protects you from identity theft. There are some Web sites that you might visit regularly. For the sake of an example, let’s use PayPal. Imagine the damage that an identity thief could do with your PayPal data.

You say that you are careful, but the hackers / criminals who spoof Web sites such as PayPal are experts at what they do. Regardless of how careful you are, there are times when you are rushed or tired or distracted. Identity thieves bank on these lapses. And some of the phishing Web sites are identical to the genuine sites. At a quick glance, it becomes impossible to tell the difference from spoofing sites and the genuine sites. Gone are the days of sloppy coding and spelling errors.

What an excellent password manager should do is protect you from phishing sites. The password manager should NOT release your personal data if the site is not legitimate and has been spoofed.

Password Manager from Large Software does just that. It secures your logins, hides your keystrokes, and encrypts your passwords. Password Manager protects your identity and is an added layer of security from phishing attempts. It is a guard from identity theft.

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“Password Manager operates with ALL programs and Web browsers, including Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox…”. With browser security issues, it is simply too risky to allow a browser to hold your confidential password information. Phishing, spoofing, and other identity theft methods are becoming much more sophisticated in separating you from your password information. Protect yourself. Keep your passwords safe with Password Manager. This program works exceptionally well.

Password Manager is portable and ideal for laptops too. If, for example, your government agency or business requires this program in high volume, we will try to make large purchases financially viable.