There should be an image here!As iPhone devs learned today, there are two ways of doing things in Apple Headquarters, Apple’s way and the wrong way. Clearly, it pays to be doing things the way Apple sees fit. And who can blame devs for following along, what with the potential fortunes to be made with the app store.

Where some developers are finding frustration, is if they only have one iPhone/Mac to develop with. This means that in these cases, you have to develop for the 3.0 release and then “hope” it works with the older iPhone software. Because the alternative, borders on unthinkable for many. it would means waiting until the 3.0 release of the iPhone software went gold. Clearly that is not a financial reality for many developers.

Looking at things from the Apple perspective, however, they must be ready to move on with the next iPhone release. Give a finite budget for reviewing new apps with select personnel, I can see the logic in asking devs to keep up. But at the end of the day, isn’t this just creating new problems rather than avoiding them?