monopolyDo you consider Google to be a monopoly? Or instead, is it just a highly misunderstood company that needs to be allowed to flourish further without interference. Oddly enough, we never really hear too much about Google being considered a threat as such. Perhaps this is due to branding?

One thing that is pretty clear, Google does not think of itself as a threat and have pointed out often that unlike Microsoft, their products are not coming pre-installed on anyone’s desktop. And to a large degree, I would have to agree with this perspective. After all, Google is largely a habit more than anything.

Will the DOJ end up coming after Google for anti-trust issues? Sure, they will do some sniffing around. But in the end, due to a lack of vendor lock-in with their software, down to the fact that they are not anywhere to be found on new computers, it seems to me that Google will weather any inquiries just fine.