huluWell I’ll be…looks as if Hulu is about to start branching out a bit into new markets such as the UK. This not only means good things for those potential viewers in the UK, but new opportunities for advertisers looking to make an impact on a UK audience. Clearly, new ad opportunities will be made available once all of this internationalization goes through.

What will be interesting I think, is whether or not there will be some US shows blacked out over seas while allowing others through. I only say this as I know US networks still have their figures very much plugged into what Hulu does and doesn’t do.

One thing I discovered today after mentioning to my wife that it looks as if Grey’s Anatomy has come to Hulu. At this point, it clearly still sucks as it is continuing to limit its users with ABC’s lamest error message ever. At least Hulu has never done this to Linux users.

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