Yesterday there was an article which makes reference to Abobe offering a Lite Flash version for Google’s Android operating system. But what made heads turn was a sentence that indicated that this new feature along with Android was being ported into a Dell netbook, specifically the Dell mini 9 model 910.

In a recent news article it stated the following:

BELLEVUE, WA — (Marketwire) — 05/06/09 — Bsquare Corporation (NASDAQ: BSQR), the leading software solutions provider to the global embedded device community, today announced it is porting Adobe’s Flash Lite 3.17 technology onto Dell Netbooks running Google’s Android platform.

The article also states:

Netbook and Nettop computers offer the functionality and efficiency of traditional laptops, but with lighter weight and better portability.

Research firm Gartner estimates that worldwide shipments of netbooks will increase by 50 percent to 7.8 million units in 2009, while overall computer sales are expected to decline. Industry analysts also predict that Android will gain traction on smart devices, such as the ultra-portable Dell Mini Inspiron 910, which are used in a range of industries.

What is unknown is if Dell is actually going to introduce a Dell netbook model using Google’s Android, or if the reference to Dell is that Android will work on a mini 9. When Dell was contacted for comment it appears that they did not deny the article stating only they are always looking for alternatives for furture products.

I believe that we may see an Android powered Netbook before the end of 2009. Just my 2 cents.

What do you think?

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