MagnetometerI have to be honest, I have never used the term “Magnetometer” in a sentence. Actually, until today, I had not even heard of such a creation. At the same time, it seems to me this is basically a compass on steroids. And to that end, I could see this Magnetometer app becoming an instant hit. Heck, I would totally pay for it!

Now the real question might be – is this app for real? Based on my experience with all things iPhone, suspect that it is. But it might not be coming out as soon as everyone is hoping. Hey, just saying.

As for kitchen sink, shown from the images in the link above, your guess is as good as mine. Unless Apple has finally managed to hire Mario and Luigi from Super Mario Bros., I am pretty sure this is more of a reference to multiple setting than anything likely having to do with help you with that last load of dishes in the sink. So don’t get too excited.