Most people I know have long since ditched their landlines. This said, those over the age of 45 that I know use both a landline and a mobile actively. Frankly I can see the advantages of a landline. No need to charge the phone… as long as it was made from the ’80s as 99% of the US uses cordless phones. Okay, there is the benefit of 911 service with a landline! Ah, last time I checked, I believe that mobile phones have pretty reasonable 911 service as well.

Okay, I got it. Having both a landline and a mobile phone is cheaper in the long run. Perhaps, but based on my own experience, I have found the reverse to be true. But then again, my family plan is probably not a smart example as I have three data plans with four lines. That said, remove those data plans and suddenly, it is not all that bad.

I have also found that I love using my BlueAnt ear-piece around the house. My wife uses her Jawbone when she is driving. Both of us prefer the hands free approach, while being mindful to remove the earpiece when in public so as not to look like a weirdo.

For my family, there is simply no definable advantage to going forth at this point to score a landline. I would have to buy a new phone, preferably one that is not a complete piece of junk with regard to reception. It would also mean yet another bill to pay each month, in addition to yet another voicemail box to check.

Maybe at 35, I am a jaded young person. But to be brutally honest, as I have reasonable reception here in the part of town, I see no reason whatsoever to get landline phone service. Clearly, our local phone company is dropping the ball with younger users as I cannot think of a single reason why I would want to add this to my expense calendar.

Do you use a landline? If so, why? Share your comments on this in the comments section.