Business cards seem so old-fashioned, but don’t let that make you think that they don’t matter anymore. We may live in a digital world, but handing something physical like a business card to someone still has an impact. Of course, I’m just as bad as a lot of you. The only business cards that I have are outdated and need to be updated badly. However, since I work from home, I’m not in a rush to get some ordered. With that said, has made business cards digital in a neat way that’s making me think I should finally update my business card.

Through this site, you can post a digital copy of your business card online for free. Not only does this give you free advertising, but you can also get feedback and recommendations from other people and find new people to network with. The business cards can be discovered by location or industry, plus the service enables you to map the address or e-mail the card to someone. This experience is so much better than just seeing the basic information, so kudos to for making business cards interesting again.