When blogging first started getting hot in the early years of the millennium people all over the place were dying to get their hands on one. Basically, it was an online journal whereas the content you wrote is published online for the entire world to see. Blogging eventually started to really catch on mid 2005, with virtually anyone who was Internet savvy jumping on the band wagon.

Then Google Adsense/Adwords came out, revolutionizing what the online blog was about. Publishing content online was now not only for fun and entertainment, but it was now becoming a serious business opportunity for authors, entrepreneurs, and the regular average Joe to generate some sort of income online. Although for many people the only thing that was being made off of blogging was petty cash, quite a bit of people where beginning to catch on to the term of “niche blogging” and using WordPress to generate a substantial source of cash online.

WordPress then evolved from being a regular blog platform to a fully featured content management system. It wasn’t just for distributing your thoughts online, it was now an easy-to-use software for content creators to make money online.

Blogs aren’t really blogs anymore. In fact, it’s difficult to find in modern times to find a blog which hasn’t began focusing on the money and not the content. I wouldn’t be surprised if soon a replacement for WordPress will come that’s priority will be to assist entrepreneurs in the distribution of their content rather than blogging.

Where do you think blogging is headed? What type of content manegement system do you use? Is blogging really blogging?