Gnomie David Cassel writes:

I thought you might want to blog this. How I Sued a Craigslist Sex Troll includes the first interviews from both the lawyer and plaintiff in the first successful lawsuit against the notorious “Craigslist Experimenter,” Jason Fortuny.

“A lawsuit is indeed possible based on privacy issues,” says the plaintiff, who also details his reactions — after his sexy email responding to a Craigslist post was published on the Web. “The chorus of blog posts saying ‘someone ought to sue him’ gave me some satisfaction to being able to do just that.”

Ironically, Fortuny was only fined $5,000 for “public disclosure of private facts” and “intrusion upon seclusion.” The remaining bulk of the $74,000 award was $35,0001 for violating the plaintiff’s copyright — and the associated legal fees.

But as a companion piece, there’s the 20 funniest reactions to the court’s judgment against Fortuny — including prophetic comment from Fortuny himself in the summer of 2008 about the man who finally sued him.

“Can you blame him?”
“Not really.”