There should be an image here!I don’t think anyone really know for sure if this latest rumor is true or not. However if there is any truth to it, there is at least a small peak into what the next iPhone will end up being like. Stuff like seeing the existing 400MHz CPU upgraded to a 600MHz CPU.

Other alleged changes include auto-focus for the camera lens and the freedom to finally use an electronic compass instead of exclusively relying on the sometimes funky GPS system we use in the phone today. Sadly however, any given credibility the news has slowly disappears with the following additional reported news.

FM radio tuner, something that has been rumored for sometime while still not coming into play as of yet. Also, there are some network references that seem unlikely as well. I think what really kills the credibility, is the references to the Apple Tablet, which is just not something likely to be accessible, even in a covert sense, buy someone behind the scenes in China.