There should be an image here!Personally I have generally felt like Mozilla Prism was a project without a purpose. And even today, I maintain my doubts as to its value. At its core, Prism is a version of Firefox without the functionality. It offers the ability to create desktop icons and to a lesser extent, gives the user the feeling that they are using a desktop application despite the obvious reality that this is merely a dumbed down browser working some web based app.

To its credit these days however, Prism is now boasting features like being able to dock it to your system tray, OS X installation and performance enhancements as well. Also not to be outdone, the Prism API to provide more power to web apps designed to work better with Prism.

Will anyone actually care? Perhaps, due to the Firefox extension that allows you to turn web apps such as Gmail, into Prism applications. While it might seem overly simple to users such as myself, I am sure that there are plenty of individuals out there who will find being able to easily “desktop” their favorite web apps as something of a must have option.