As you know, newspapers and other print publications have been dying a painful death for quite some time now. When you read a print publication, you’re trusting the editors to deliver the information that they think you’ll like. Of course, they don’t always get it right. You may enjoy certain articles and columns, but that doesn’t mean that you’re going to enjoy the entire publication. As usual, the Internet has changed everything. Now the people are in control and can create their own newspaper of sorts by specifying the information that they care about. A service called MeeHive is your personalized newspaper.

To get started, just select the topics that you’re interested in and MeeHive will find the relevant content to use from thousands of news sources to create your very own digital newspaper. Now the news on everything you care about comes to you without you having to go out and find out. It’s kind of like RSS being taken to the next level. As a user, you can also see what your friends are interested in and suggest stories from your personal collection.