There should be an image here!Imagine watching your favorite news program, but being empowered up a level by also being able to discuss the issues of the hour in real time via Twitter during the program itself. Now imagine that this is not some sort of strange nerd fantasy, this is for real.

I have learned today that Nightline of ABCNews will be “airing” a digital program called NightTline in which Twitter users can ask the show’s anchors real questions, on the fly. And on the surface, this sounds fantastic. Yet at the same time, I think it is sad that this is only available online and not really on the big TV screen in our living rooms.

Perhaps ABC must still cater to the aging (I’m 35, so I am not THAT young) masses who still gather around their rabbit ears powered TV set to watch the news in much the same way it has always been done – via a one way conversation. Sad, as I think that having this Twitter component on the standard program would have actually added something unique. But hey, it’s still a start.