For those of us who have been around computers since the first PC’s were introduced, we are familiar with┬áthe era when Intel was the only game in town. Intel charged what they wanted and there was little we could do about it. But AMD came along and gave the big CPU boys a moderate run for their money. In fact I made the switch over to AMD back in 1996 building a system using the K5 chip. Since that time I have used AMD exclusively when I have built or bought a laptop.

So it was good to read that AMD has regained their market share. The article states that:

After five quarters of declining market share, Advanced Micro Devices gained ground in chip shipments over chief rival Intel during the first quarter of 2009, IDC said on Tuesday.

AMD saw its market share in processor shipments reach 22.3 percent during the first quarter of 2009, gaining 4.6 percent of the market compared with the fourth quarter of 2008. Intel lost 4.7 percent of the total market to reach a 77.3 percent share, IDC said in a survey.

AMD saw its market share increase because of a pricing advantage over Intel and a strong increase in desktop shipments, said Shane Rau, research director at IDC. Sequentially, AMD chip shipments increased 13 percent while Intel’s shipments declined 16 percent.

Intel’s sequential decline was partly due to suppliers holding back on purchases as they tried to clear up excess inventory of mobile processors, especially Atom processors for netbooks. Shipments of Atom processors recorded a sequential decline of 33 percent in the first quarter of 2009.

But can AMD keep their market share? AMD not getting into the Netbook market could come back to haunt them.

What do you think?

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