If you are interested in real estate you may wish to drop by The Clozing. This real estate site attempts to gather information from the major news agencies such as the AP, and categorize the information in an attempt to make the information more readily available. The authors state that their site is currently in beta testing so be patient as they put together the information.

The authors also state that their site is:

What is theClozing

TheClozing is a new real estate and business news aggregator. We gather and organize real estate and business news from major U.S. newspapers, magazines and publications with related articles from Social Media. All links are to the original sources. News is updated hourly to provide continuously fresh content.

The Big Idea

It all began when we read a news study by the Associated Press, A New Model for News. We thought we should take a shot at creating it.

According to the AP findings, folks get news headlines from many different sources throughout the day. But there is something they don’t get easily, something which is harder to find – the backstory. The backstory is the interpretation of the news– what does this news mean to me?

Journalists, trained to be objective, focus on the facts and leave out, for the most part, the subjective interpretation of those facts – that was left to the editorial department and the letters to the editor. But that left many unsatisfied. The slack was picked up by bloggers who’d grab the news and interpret it for their readers. And rather than sending a letter to the editor, readers could more easily comment to the blogger. This allowed for news stories to be filled in, made richer. Soon social media became the new news kid on the block, providing the missing backstory and expanding the social commentary.

What was needed was a marriage of mainstream media headline news with social media backstorytellers. We performed the ceremony. We’ll see how the marriage works out.

How New is Clozed

We gather real estate and business news feeds from the top newspapers and magazines in the country and combine them with feeds from the major real estate blogs. All links are to the original news sources and blogs. The blend of newspapers and blogs will change, depending on the results. We expect we’ll have to do some filtering and tweaking along the way (heck, you can’t trust computers to be perfect), so bear with us.

Having just refinanced my home I believe that this site may help others in finding a loan with the lowest possible interest rate. The site also lists the top 10 lenders for real estate loans as well as answering questions about the new $8,000 credit for first time home buyers.

Comments welcome.

The Clozing web site is here.