There should be an image here!Canonical pushing this new Ubuntu One service has me thinking – haven’t I seen this someplace already? As it turns out, mintUpload is more less FTP made easy where Ubuntu One is more like a GDrive using Amazon’s S3.

In the end, I see things going badly for Canonical with this project as it stands described today. First of all, the upload software will be closed source. And we all know know how well that is going to go over with the purists or those who simply are not down with Canonical choosing this kind of license.

Lastly, I have not been able to find out much in the way of details with regard to security? Are data transfers encrypted? What about the file storage, what kind of security can we expect there? Frankly, I am fine with using S3 via JungleDisk for data backups as it is cheap as can be. But for file storage over the Internet, give me something a bit more compelling than mere upload abilities. How about versioning?