Craigslist has felt the pressure from state agencies as well as the public and is changing their policy as it pertains to their erotic services section. In 7 days Craigslist will remove this topic from their ad sections. In its place will be an adult section in which ads will be manually approved. According to an article at the LA Times it states that:

As of today, the erotic services section will no longer accept new ads and will be removed completely in seven days. Posts to the adult services section will cost $10, twice as much as those for erotic services listings. Craigslist had agreed to donate proceeds from the erotic services listings to charity but says that rule will not necessarily apply to the new ads.

Craigslist Chief Executive officer Jim Buckmaster said in an interview that the site had come to the decision after carefully weighing input from law enforcement, users, legitimate online businesses and free speech advocates.

“It was a balancing act where we’re trying to respond to feedback to constituencies that we felt were important.  When you’re talking about attorneys general who are the top legal authority in their respective states,” he said, “That was feedback that we felt was important to take into account.”

“We’re optimistic that we’ve struck the right balance,” he added.

It seems that Craigslist may have struck the right balance. By manually censoring the content of the erotic ads, they may prevent a repeat of the murder[s] that happened previously.

What do you think? Is Craigslist doing enough?

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