Remember when the movies would be mixed with music videos and kick ass soundtracks? When Terminator 2 came out with a great Guns N’ Roses tune. Robin Hood, The Crow, Top Gun and Forrest Gump all had soundtracks that people just had to have. You’d see the videos on MTV being played over and over again when the movie came out. Where is my kick ass soundtrack to Star Trek or Wolverine?

These days, good soundtracks seem to be non-existent. There once was a day when I would see a movie, hear the tunes that were played, and I would immediately have to run across to the nearest record store to enjoy the soundtrack. Music needs to play a role with movies again. It’s part of the enjoyment of the movie. It seems that video games have more to do with music than movies now. A copy of almost any video game for the PS3 will get you a soundtrack much better than any of the summer blockbusters, and that’s just sad.