These days, many of us are using a wide variety of social networks and have amassed large numbers of friends (I use that term loosely) on these networks. Just having these friends is one thing, but how do you use them? Despite what you’ve been told, social networks aren’t just some sort of popularity contest. If used correctly, they can prove to be truly useful. For instance, let’s say that you would like to ask your contacts a question in order to get their feedback. This can easily be done, but it’s not always organized and you’re not guaranteed to get quality answers from everyone. Aardvark works in the middle to ensure that you’re able to use your network effectively.

Aardvark serves as another one of your contacts over IM or e-mail, and when you have a question, you send it to Aardvark which then routes your question to the right people who are qualified to answer that specific question within your existing social networks. In addition to your direct friends, their friends can also be a great source of information. With a solid network, you can get answers quickly, and although Aardvark isn’t open to everyone right now, feel free to sign up to be notified when you can give it a try.