There should be an image here!It never ceases to amaze me just how far out there some computer commercials can be. One of my all time favs, the famous Apple Super Bowl ad for the Macintosh, was nothing short of awesome. And much like their commercials of today, are designed to get you to investigate the product further.

Whether it be through the Apple Stores or from their online store, then entire process is about selling you on something that “feels” so cutting edge, that you are hooked before you ever bother reaching for your credit card.

Then we have the newer Microsoft commercials. One of them, with the child doing work with pictures on their PC, is brilliant as it makes anyone believing that Windows is too complicated, feeling foolish. I mean come on, a child can use the OS! Then we have the Laptop Hunter commercials. Seriously, this is the answer to Apple’s current commercial lineup?

The fact of the matter is that Microsoft had better commercials back in their pre-Windows 95 days as they actually demonstrated what we get for each dollar spent. Apple, still does this to a degree, be it not enough for my taste these days. But one thing is for sure, commercials such as these from Microsoft, will always remain classic. Wouldn’t it be great if all platforms made it this clear as to what you were getting into?

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