There probably isn’t any number of you who would remember the ID-10-T netcast, which I did last spring/summer. Due to numerous personal life changes I was somewhat forced to not continue on with the show. Nine months (and four thousand miles) later I am finally in a situation comfortable enough to produce video casts on Ustream again.

The rename came out of a brainstorming session I had, in which I thought over the name of ID-10-T. In the beginning, my co-conspirator (Dale) and I had our show that really had no topic. We were the “No Agenda” before Johnny C. and The Crackpot blazed the non-niche trail of the same name. Sure, we had our news spots, but most of it was the random conversation held between two friends. It was raunchy and expletive filled. We had fun, but my moves and changes in life caused our weekly endeavor to go on a long hiatus. In hindsight, it was probably a little too long. The show needed a name change.

Now, nearly two years after our inaugural episode, I am thinking of broadcasting live, posting to Youtube, and possibly posting to Mevio, and also iTunes.

The new name of my show came from dazing into my shoes (as I often stare at the floor when I am deep in thought). My shoes happen to be Converse that are green in color. The new name of my show is “The Green Chucks and Ham” netcast. I invite those who are interested to follow either @greenchucksnham or myself (@raymondmendoza) for live show updates.