There should be an image here!Normally I am not one to get too excited about lesser known technologies. So you might expect me to basically shrug at the idea of using a USB connected monitor with my selected Linux distro. Despite my initial lack of excitement, it is nice to see Linux being included in the driver release.

The idea behind making the drivers available with a LGPL license is that the community will pickup the code and run with it for X configuration, etc. Personally, I am a bit skeptical that these monitors will be a big deal right now, but it is good to have the code out there nonetheless.

Why would this type of monitor technology be needed in the first place? Well, one might surmise that it could be used with various devices ranging from upcoming netbooks to other hand held devices. Either way, it does allow a larger screen to be used with mobile hardware otherwise left out in the code with regard to DVI or VGA options.