On Monday evening NBC News did a piece on China and how they are starting to build their own cars. The cars that were seen on the assembly line looked no different than some 30 other sedans being built by various car companies. But what took center stage was the work the Chinese are doing in the field of Hybrids. They claim to be producing a car that runs for 239 miles on a single charge of electricity.

Interesting if true. Because in the same tv segment was a piece on Obama who wants cleaner cars and also more fuel efficient cars being produced for use in the U.S. No Duh! We finally have a president with a set of balls. We have sat on our asses for some 30 years thinking the oil problem would go away. The government placed no restrictions on the car companies because they were being told that the American consumer wanted behemoths with V-8 engines. We needed power, power and more power! It is funny that the 2010 Chevy Camaro can kick out over 300 HP from a V-6 while getting an estimated 29 miles on the highway.

Both the American and Japanese car companies are finally coming to the party with several Hybrids of their own. But it could be the Chinese who could take the world by storm if they come up with a better Hybrid.

But the question to be answered is this. Would you buy a car from China?

Here is one model from a Chinese company known as BYD:

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