Microsoft is opening their My Phone software, which is available in beta, to all users. The purpose of My Phone is that it allows the user to backup all of their information from your mobile phone onto the web. The service was previously only offered to a select group, but now is being made available to everyone.

On their blog site the My Phone team states:

Thank you for being among the first users of the My Phone service. Your feedback and participation in our Forum has been invaluable in guiding improvements to the service experience.  We just completed upgrading the My Phone web portal.   Over the next few weeks, we will be updating the companion software for your phone, at which time you will be prompted to download the updated software.  The upgrade process is quick and easy – all your settings and data will be retained — so we encourage you to upgrade when prompted to do so.  Today’s web site upgrade includes enabling 19 additional languages on the web portal, adding a Video Demoon the welcome page, providing help content, and making a number of other improvements based on your feedback.  With today’s release, we’re opening the beta to all users — no more waiting list or promotional codes!  So you can tell your friends, family and colleagues with Windows Mobile phones to visit and start using My Phone today.  We’ve heard from several of you who lost your phones about how My Phone saved the day.  We love these stories! – and created a forum topic to capture them.

If you would like to test the software just go to the link below and take it for a spin. Let us know what you think if you decide to give it a try.

Comments welcome.

Link to My Phone site.

Side note: If you store contacts on the SIM card provided by your mobile operator, My Phone will not synchronize these contacts. Hmmm…… Interesting.