windows 7, microsoftRumor has it that Dell is reporting that the pricing for Windows 7 could be higher than previous versions such as Vista and XP. If true this could cause a buyers backlash for the new operating system. In a time where the economy is in the crapper, when unemployment is approaching an all time high, when …… well you get my drift.

If Microsoft believes that increasing the price of Windows 7 will help their bottom line, this type of thinking could back fire. There are a lot of folks still using XP who are happy to keep their old reliable OS working. The people who were saddled with Vista, depending on which position you take on this OS, may be gun shy when it comes to upgrading to Windows 7.

Though it is early to pre-judge Microsoft until a positive pricing policy is in place, one can only hope that pricing will be fair and take into account the current economy.

What do you think? Will you pay a higher price for Windows 7?

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