There should be an image here!Office 2000 is indeed, older than most people might care to admit. But for many folks, it is just what the doctor ordered and does what they need it to do. Sadly, it is coming to an end of life here soon, which means there will be no more security patches for this software. Will this translate into more people making the switch over to Google Docs? Not for those who have never heard of it.

With all of the excitement at the prospect seeing massive number of people suddenly dropping MS Office 2000 for Google Docs, apparently the fact that most people have no idea what Google Docs is or does, has not entered into anyone’s mind?

I would go on to say that there are there are plenty of reasons why using Google Docs make a lot of sense for most people. This being said though, others still, might prefer to use Open Office instead? But there will always be those, especially those who do a lot of document sharing, who are willing to fork out the cast for MS Office in its most current form. But they are not using old MS Office 2000 now, are they?