When working in a geographically diverse environment, delivering face-to-face presentations in likely not efficient or realistic. That is where webinars and online meetings come into play and make it possible to deliver information to an audience that is spread across multiple geographies.

Delivering information through webinars and online meetings is obviously not the same as delivering information through a face-to-face presentation. With the former, the presentation material is the only visual your audience. Keeping your audience engaged is therefore key to making the online meeting or webinar a success.

If you are considering using online meetings or webinars to deliver information to an audience, here are some tips you can use to ensure your success.

  • Ensure that the content in the presentation is engaging and meaningful to the audience.
  • Use frequent slides changes and animations to keep your audience interested.
  • Practice delivering the presentation, particularly if the presentation has multiple presenters. This will ensure timings and transitions are planned ahead of time.
  • If possible, use a tool that will allow the audience members to ask questions or chat with the presenter.
  • Polling is a good way to keep your audience engaged. If possible, poll your audience and discuss the results as part of the presentation.