I feel pretty confident that most of us have had our fill with the sad connectivity that is the typical 3G network. While some providers are better than others, it seems like more often than not, connectivity is half usable at best.

Others might charge that this has more to do with the selected carrier or even the location that is the culprit for the poor service that so many of us are seeing. Speaking for myself, I feel that the technology itself has been outgrown. I see this as a big part of the problem with its lack of quality.

So even though I live in a decent coverage area, I find myself relying more on my home’s Wi-Fi network than I do with the provided 3G network. Again, quality of connection is definitely a factor for me personally.

And so this brings us to yet another hyped up promise of something called the 4G network, or fourth generation network. Big question here is whether or not it can pick up successfully with the 3G network; it has met with mixed results. Based on my own experiences, I am skeptical at best. I want to believe that something good will come of this as my thoughts on WiMax are less than positive. Clearly, the future of broadband coverage without wires is being left to the mobile phones carriers. With any luck, they fully understand just how hard their networks are to be taxed as these 4G networks begin rolling forward. Because they were way off with 3G.