First of all, I think Hulu is an awesome supplement for video content assuming you happen to be an American or UK viewer. Outside of that, if you are watching it, you’re using a proxy. But content and availability aside, I find myself questioning the value of something that recently rolled out of Hulu labs.

It’s called Hulu Desktop, it is basically the same thing as full screening your Hulu experience in the browser, with a few extra options. And to be honest, it is pretty cool. It’s just unfortunate that they choose to make it something that is only available for folks who wish to install the software.

Yes, I feel that this is the kind of experience we should be able to enjoy in browser. Why would I want to instead, install yet another program to take up space on my hard drive? I mean, this is not even available to users on mobile platforms, much less Linux.

Frankly this bores me. Want to impress me, Hulu? Bring your service over to my Roku box. The HDMI cable is already hooked up. Hulu works well on my TV via VGA as it is thanks to my notebook, let’s stop duplicating tired experiences and concentrate on getting Hulu onto the TV. Well, assuming you media overlords allow you to do so, of course.

Loving the labs idea, just wish to see something truly NEW rather than more ways to simply watch your content on my PC. We’ve already experienced this. So, next!