A new version of the popular HDMI cable has been ratitifed by some of the leading manufacturers. The companies have agreed to a new standard dubbed version 1.4 which will add Internet connectivity to the standard video and audio that HDMI cables currently support. The new cables will start becoming available soon once the companies complete ratification and the cables go into production.

According to VentureBeat it also states that:

The new HDMI 1.4 cables will now let you transfer Internet data along the same cable that currently transfers only video and audio data. That new feature is dubbed the HDMI Ethernet Channel, and, once it’s adopted by the industry, you’ll be able to get rid of the Ethernet cables connecting every single web-connected device. It transfers data at up to 100 megabits per second.

This solves problems for people like me, who have an awful time connecting devices to the web and each other in the living room. I use powerline Internet adapters, which connect my DSL broadband line to my living room via power sockets. Wireless doesn’t work so well in my home. So right now, I have to switch cables from one game console to another whenever I use them. It’s a hassle.

There is also this:

Of course consumers will have to get new cables in order to eliminate some older cables. That’s an added expense and it will take time, maybe years, for the transition to happen.

For those of us who have invested in expensive HDMI cables it could be longer than a few years before we switch. LOL

Though I can see the value of the new cables I personally may wait until something completely new is invented before making the switch. After all, isn’t it the way of technology? Something is always poised to replace current standards.

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