Speaking for myself, an mp3 player is an mp3 player. I mean, most people are all excited about Apple’s iPod products, while I do not even bother using my own iPhone as an mp3 player. Currently, I still use one of the old school iPod nanos for my mp3 needs and when it goes bad, will almost certainly go with a Cowon flash player as it means I can go with more codec options. Hey, I have a lot of FLAC music files! Do not believe the iPod is going to be a lot of help there.

But for those of you who want more, yet are not really wanting to fall into the iPod niche, you might consider looking at the latest Zune called the Zune HD. Offering much of what the iPod touch offers, along with some additional features, one might find that it is a better match for them in the end.

To those who believe this Zune HD to be a FUD tactic, I would strongly disagree. The iPod market is not one that Microsoft is going to ignore. And for better or worse, you had bet your backside that MS will be shipping this Zune HD asap. They are already very late to this market. So waiting any longer would be counter productive for them.