If you haven’t already noticed, everything on the Internet is becoming interactive. There are just so many possibilities online today that they can quickly become overwhelming. Of course, after some time passes, we end up wondering how we ever lived without some specific functionality. When it comes to online images, there really isn’t much that has changed lately. Sure, some entrepreneurs have tried to enhance what a simple image can do, but for the most part, images are images. With that said, how would you like to be able to click on specific items within a picture so that you could get more information and possibly purchase them? Pixazza makes all of this possible.

Check out some of the samples on the site to see how this works. This approach is a real winner for publishers, advertisers, and consumers. Publishers can easily integrate the functionality on their site with a little bit of code that enables product experts to do the real work and help them earn commissions, advertisers are able to get more exposure all over the Internet, and consumers are linked to what they like. Wouldn’t you say it’s about time that images experienced a transformation like this?