Today I will come home from work and will desire to sit down at my most powerful computer and either do some work or gaming. I will not be able to though. For today is the day Sims 3 finally arrives. Chicks everywhere will be hypnotized by this game for hours. Husbands and boyfriends everywhere should expect to be ignored for at least a week. You may get to spend a little time with your woman during rare periods when she needs to eat or watch reality TV. Even sleeping with her may be out of the question as she might pull an “all-nighter” to try to achieve her aspirations.

Men everywhere are advised to use or buy a backup PC for the time being. A video game system that attaches to a television set can also be used to pass the time without your prized PC. DO NOT attempt to interrupt any female while they are playing Sims 3. Doing so can be dangerous to your health.