Online video has gone through a big transformation over the years. When we first started streaming video, it’s surprising that we even tolerated it because the quality both visually and audibly was horrible. It seemed like you needed to set aside a couple of hours just to get a good look at a video that was a few minutes long. YouTube helped to change the game, and a variety of other video services have also tackled the challenge of making online video ubiquitous. Now we’re spoiled. Video streaming is smooth and instantaneous, and we can even stream HD videos if we want to. A site called highdefnow focuses exclusively on HD video.

There may be a handful of online video services that support HD video, but highdefnow is different. The site is simple and doesn’t look very glamorous, but when it comes down to it, it’s all about the videos, and highdefnow delivers in this area. The videos look great, and they’re even more impressive when you view them in fullscreen. Just like on YouTube, users can upload videos, get the code to embed them (in HD!), comment on them, rate them, etc. On highdefnow, it’s all HD all the time.