Google Android, the operating system that could change the way we compute, may be coming our way in the third quarter of this year. The folks at Acer have plans to possibly introduce a Netbook using the Android OS. You may recall that Acer was the company that was highly critical of Microsoft when the company introduced their Vista operating system. Acer went as far as calling Vista pure junk. So it is no surprise that Acer would be the one to challenge the Redmond giant and switch to a Linux based Android system.

According to an article over at LinuxWorld it states:

“We are seeing that Android is becoming more common,” said Jim Wong, president of global product operations at Acer. Acer decided to move more quickly to work with Android because there is a strong development movement behind the software, he added.

The Aspire One netbooks Acer displayed at its news conference on Tuesday at Computex were running a dual-boot system allowing users to switch between Android and Windows XP, but Wong said the device that goes on sale later this year will only have Android and another Linux OS.

He declined to comment on pricing, saying only that it will likely be slightly less expensive than an Aspire One with Windows XP.

So while Microsoft seems to be trying to play catch up with their Bing search engine against Google, will Google be playing catch up to the Microsoft Windows OS? Only time will tell if Android can perform as well or better than Windows.

What is great for we consumers is that it appears there will ne more competition coming our way when it comes to a Netbook purchase.

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