We recognize that in order to be success at complex activities it helps to practice. Individuals who are successful in sports such as Wayne Gretzky or others who have been successful as musicians i.e. Don Petty, all understand the importance of practice, particularly when you are learning a new skill. We all know from writing high school exams that it is important to study in advance and to study a little bit every day. In fact, long term success in future academic study was based you learning how to study or practice what you have learned in that course. Reading is no exception.

Practice is reading is most important for the novice reader. It has been estimated that during the course of the first year of school the more successful readers read four times the number of words (in texts) than the less successful readers. By the middle years of schools this difference has increased ten -fold with the low achievers readers reading about 100,000 words per year while the more successful students are reading more than one million. Not all of this practice can be achieved in school. That is why it is so important to have your child continue to read at home and develop a joy for reading that will ensure continued practice and improvement.