When Intel first introduced a scaled down processor called Atom for a new version of scaled down laptops, they coined the phrase ‘Netbook’. But Microsoft feels that the term ‘Netbook’ should be abandoned. The company cites that the first versions of the pint sized computers were basically designed for Internet use only. They state that the newer ‘Netbooks’ are more than just devices to access the Internet.

In a recent statement from a Microsoft representative it states that:

Microsoft plans to redefine mini-notebooks that Intel has categorized as netbooks with a new term – low cost small notebook PC, according to Steven Guggenheimer, general manager of the Application Platform & Development Marketing Division at Microsoft.

Guggenheimer pointed out on June 2 in Taipei during Computex 2009 that since some of the mini-notebooks already feature capabilities more than just purely Internet browsing – which is the main purpose of the netbook – therefore the term netbook should be abandoned.

Some market watchers speculated that the renaming strategy will help Microsoft separate the mini-notebooks with regular notebook capabilities from netbooks, so that it can reduce the number of its low-end Windows shipments.

The new definition will require mid-range to high-end mini-notebooks, which may fall into the netbook category because of their size, to adopt higher-end versions of Windows 7, added the market watchers.

Microsoft declined to comment on the speculation, saying Guggenheimer would provide more details of the strategy while delivering a keynote speech at the company’s Computex forum on June 3.

Microsoft has recently decided to lift the restriction on Windows 7 Starter Edition being able to run only three concurrent applications on a PC at a time, and it has also decided to make the Starter Edition available worldwide instead of only in certain regions.

OK. The question I have is does it really matter what the midget computers are called?

In this day and age where users are more sophisticated and now know the difference between a small laptop and a large laptop, is renaming the little computers really going to matter?

What do you think?

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