During this past year it has become quite evident that U.S. corporations were allowed to run amok. While behind the scenes, greed, corruption and irresponsible behavior became the norm. Our current economic situation affects all of us no matter where one is on the economic scale. In this time of distress and uncertainty, one would hope that corporations would assist in helping our nation and not threaten our government.

When I read a statement by Microsoft, which came from the lip of their CEO Steve Ballmer, in which this man actually had the audacity to threaten the U.S. Government, I stopped in my tracks.This man stated that if Congress enacted President Barack Obama’s tax plan for higher taxes on U.S. companies foreign profits, Microsoft would move some employees offshore.

I have a better idea.

First the President should have the I.R.S. take a microscope and investigate every single Microsoft employee’s tax returns for the past 3 years. In particular Steve Ballmer’s tax returns should be checked extensively. Second Mr. Ballmer should be provided with a free passport so he can leave the country with his employees.

I personally applaud the European Union for taking Microsoft to task and to continuely punish this ruthless company.

What do you think?