It happens to all of us. Some yo-yo opens their car door and bangs your paint job. Or a shopping cart dings your car while you are shopping. It happened to me with the KIA Sportage I had and already with the new Nissan Rogue. So when I went looking for a scratch remove I decided to give Quixx Scratch Remover a try, which I had purchased through Amazon.

The kit comes with emery sandpaper, buffing clothes and a two step scratch remover – polishing compound. If the scratch is deep or if the chip has reached the primer it is recommended to apply touch up paint first. I bought the touch up pen from my local dealer which contains both paint on one end and clear coat on the other.

The key to repair is to make sure that each coat of paint or clear coat you apply is completely dry before applying a second or additional coats to fill in the chip or scratch. Once this is done you use the emery cloth to buff out the area and than apply the polish. Be patient and don’t rush the steps, Once done you will have a professional looking repair.

Give this product a try. I believe you will be pleasantly surprised how well it works.

If you have any other tips or tricks on ding and scratch repair, please share them with us.

Comments welcome.

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