Now that GM has entered into bankruptcy it made me wonder what would happen to the Chevy Volt? If you are not familiar with the Volt, it is GM’s answer to an electric vehicle supplemented by a small gas engine. The Volt is expected to have a 40 mile range using electricity stored in batteries, which GM feels is sufficient to get some folks to and from work, shopping, whatever.

Over at GM-Volt there is an article which describes what will happen:

Jon Lauckner is GM’s VP of product development and along with Bob Lutz, co-inventor of the Chevy Volt.

“We’re closing one chapter and opening a new chapter,” he said. “This is really a defining moment for us. Its new future for the company. It going to let us solve problems that have been with us for many many years and really its a once in a lifetime opportunity to reinvent the company for the next 100 years.”

“We in product development really need to stay focused on the future,” said Lauckner. “We are moving valuable assets into the new GM, we’re going to have a more focused product portfolio, a smaller, nimbler, faster moving company; and that’s all part of the reinvention of GM. Over the next 60 to 90 days all of that will take place and we’ll emerge a faster leaner enterprise.”

“We are still open for business,” he said.  “We are out there to make sure that we satisfy customers and that we are backing all of our vehicles with warranty coverage and that we are working on our future portfolio.”

So it appears that the Volt is on track and development will continue. Hopefully we will see Volt’s on the road by 2010. I personally believe that GM can and will become a stronger company once the smoke clears.

What do you think?

GM-Volt source