The word is out. Windows 7 will be hitting the stores on October 22, 2009. I personally believe that Windows 7 will be a worthwhile upgrade for Vista users who may be dissatisfied with Vista. Though this is all nice and I am sure Windows 7 will be popular, why are we not hearing about pricing?

It is estimated that about 60% of Window users are still hanging on to XP. So what will it take to get these people to buy the upgrade to Windows 7? What will it take for YOU to upgrade to Windows 7?

What about us Vista users? Should we get special pricing? I believe we should.

Will having the ability to run Windows XP virtually on Windows 7 make you switch?

I know some of you have already expressed your opinion that you will not make the switch. But will Windows 7 make such a difference performance wise that you might be tempted to switch?

Share your thoughts with us.

Comments welcome.