My definition of an Imbecile is someone who is considered an idiot or just flat out stupid. Which made me wonder. Are we Imbeciles? I do not believe we are. In fact for the people who read and have associated themselves with Lockergnome, I have found you people very intelligent.

What brought these thoughts to my mind was an article I read over at LinuxPlanet by Matt Hartley. You may be familiar with Matt since he also writes several columns here at Lockergnome as well. Matt was writing about how a new PC with Google’s Android was receiving poor reviews because it could not run two apps over lapping each other. Matt expressed his frustration this way:

The single biggest complaint is its inability to run two applications or more in the same screen view. One must minimize one application to access the next one.

After considering Android, I find myself looking back over to desktop Linux to relieve some of the pain seen elsewhere.

Perhaps using Ubuntu Netbook Remix (UNR) is the solution to the “two programs at once” issue? Marketing challenges aside, it could have been a workable solution.

However, like with Android, UNR also has the inability to simply display two applications overlapping one another, based on my own testing with it. This is not to say that with UNR it’s impossible, rather one must realize that you have to right click over the correct area, then attempt to resize the app as to make both of the running applications viewable at once.

At this point I begin to wonder why everyone is in such a rush to make the most limited desktop possible? Do netbook manufacturers believe that netbook users are so dim that using default installations of GNOME or KDE is simply beyond their reach?

Yet at the same time, we see XP being offered without all of the dumbing down. Why is that?

It was good to read that Linux has their own set of problems. But I already knew this having tried Linux many times myself. I also know that Apple has their own set of issues as well. So why does some 90% of the world use Windows? Because Windows works people.

No matter how many horror stories are written about Windows, the bottom line is that Windows will be the dominate operating system for the foreseeable future. No matter how many Apple vs Windows commercials are aired on TV showing us Window users as dim witted, this is not the case. The people who use PC’s are a bright bunch. We see value in the opportunity in being able to buy a reliable computer at a reasonable price.

Now with all of that being said, I am personally rooting for Google Android. I am sincerely hoping that an inexpensive Netbook using Android and with an ARM processor will be in our future. If and when that day arrives and if and when Android will offer the same benefits as Windows, that will be the day I will make the switch to Linux.

Comments welcome.