It would be hard to believe that anyone who owns a computer has not at one time or another, has not played Tetris. The game involves putting various shapes into empty voids left by previously placed pieces. The player twists and turns the pieces until they fit precisely, but be careful. As the levels increase so does the speed of the following pieces.

The one interesting point is that Tetris came about in June, 1984 by a Russian computer programmer working in Moscow. This was at the height of the cold war, yet Tetris was accepted by the West immediately because it was fun. The creator, Alexey Pajitnov, stated that:

“All my life I liked puzzles, mathematical riddles and diversion,” he said. “Tetris” was just one of the games he made back then — the others are mostly long forgotten — and it could stick around for another 25 years, he says. “Technology changes a lot” — but people don’t, he says.

Tetris has been played by millions on computers and gaming consoles. So let us gather around and sing Happy Birthday Tetris.

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