A Phoenix light rail train was taken out of service Tuesday morning after someone left a surprise inside. At around 8 a.m., a train stopped for cleaning after a man smudged feces in the interior of the train. Police were told the man on the train was flicking and playing with feces, near 38 St. and Washington St. The light rail operator was notified and quickly took the train out of service.

“It is a biohazard, and we have protocol for how we handle a situation like this,” says Hillary Foose.

The man, who Phoenix P.D. say is homeless, was questioned at the station and released. Phoenix Police plan to review surveillance video on the train.

Anyone who has lived, for any amount of time, in the Phoenix Metro area saw this coming. If you have a major transportation venue in place, leave it to someone in South Phoenix to screw it up. Stay away from the president named streets, people. Nothing good can come of it. Plus, that’s entirely too close to 24th St and Van Buren. You’re only inviting those who have flown over the coo-coo’s nest.